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CUPS Shows a Blank Page
  • wmichaelbwmichaelb February 2011
    Hi, I have been unable to get CUPS running, even after following the directions in the Guide very carefully. I've added cupsd to the initial boot routine, and when as root I click on Slitaz menu/System Tools/Manage Printing, the familiar CUPS menu opens up. I click on Administration, and then Add Printer, and I'm asked for a username and password. 

    If I type in the password that I installed with CUPS, it will not recognize it. If I type in the password for root, it leads me to a completely blank screen. Have I bleeped up the password, or the permission, or ??? Any suggestions are more than welcome, and thanks in advance. 
  • wmichaelbwmichaelb February 2011
    Of all things, CUPS will NOT allow me to add a printer from root, but only from my user account. That is exactly backwards to what I'm used to in Unix, but I'm now good to go. I'm just glad that I stumbled into it!

    Thanks to all; hope this helps someone else.
  • slicelslicel March 2011
    I documented the cups login problem a year ago.  It looks like it is not fixed yet.  Maybe it will be fixed for slitaz 4.

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