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How to set up encrypted LVM?
  • avamkavamk December 2010
    I remember from installing Ubuntu in the past that I could set up encrypted LVM for my disk, where I need to enter a password during startup to decrypt the whole disk. Is there a way to setup something similar for a hard drive installation of SliTaz?
    Also, since I am setting up a headless machine, is there a way to remotely enter the encrypted LVM password, such as via SSH? The thing is this would be during the boot process, before the login window appears, and I don't know if SSH would even be possible at that point?
  • ChristopheChristophe December 2010
    go to the busy box -> storage
    then there is a key saying "encrypt"
    i have not been able to make it work, but this is probably because i am not familiar with the unlaying technology
    Using command line i have been able to create a mounted encrypted volume and write & read files there (as root, not as tux)

    give it a try and you may make it work if you are familiar with it

  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za December 2010
    There is also a setting for Crypto under Menu --> System Tools --> Mount Devices you may want to have a look at

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