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State of Slitaz Dev
  • SilverSilver October 2010
    Is Slitaz still actively being worked on? I love this distro but it seems like it's not being developed. The dev team is still here right?
  • godanegodane October 2010
    Development is still going on. I was the one doing most of the package updates and bug fixes this last month.
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za October 2010
    Yes, it's still actively being worked on. SliTaz has a yearly release cycle without updates to the stable version's packages, which is why it sometimes feels like there is no development going on.

    Development however, does continue in the cooking version, with package updates and new packages being cooked for it all the time. There is a undigested iso of the latest cooking version here if you want to have a look:
  • panksopankso October 2010

    YES SliTaz is actively developed, we have commit nearly every day! The best place to follow developers work is the Mercurial repositories:

    - Christophe
  • SilverSilver October 2010

    Now, I've been scheming this idea for a little bit, I wanna know if you think this would work.

    Install Slitaz and use it to boot Virtual OS's. Since it's a super light distro, wouldn't I be able to boot from any os using virtual box with good results?
  • RobertugoRobertugo December 2010
    Yeah, I'm using Slitaz with Virtualbox to run and test many OS's. You can download the last version of Vbox from Oracle site (the deb package) and type in a terminal:

    tazpkg convert nameofpackage.deb

    The result: nameofpackage.tazpkg can be installed without problems...
  • quboqubo January 2011
    HI robertugo. I am willing to use slitaz with virtualbox as you but I need the virtualbox PUEL since is free for personal use and has usb support.
    could you share the info in how to install it. from downloading to install. ( i am a linux newby but if you share the complete step I will follow it )

    by the way the virtualbox PUEL is here ( and i need the 32 bits version) :

    thanks for all you help with this since you have sucessfuly achieve this install

    thanks in advance
  • quboqubo January 2011
    other question. virtualbox always should be the deb version or any other like redhat can be installed ?
  • ChristopheChristophe January 2011
    check to format available for a "tazpkg convert" command
    I converted many deb package but other format are supported as well
  • soldatosoldato January 2011

  • avamkavamk January 2011
    Based on the stable release time last year, will "SliTaz 4.0" be released at around March 2011???

    The three things that bug me and I hope will be fixed in the next stable release:

    1. VirtualBox does not work out of the box. I can never get it to work right in 3.0 or current cooking, even after reading this thread.
    2. New user does not get functioning desktop, need to manually move files from /root/ and set permissions.
    3. Firewall setup GUI messes up iptables config.

    By the way, is there a development roadmap somewhere?

    @Robertugo: How did you get VirtualBox to work? In what SliTaz version, 3.0 or which cooking?

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