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Radio blues ...
  • DarjeelingDarjeeling September 2010
    I've got a nice collection of radio stations that I regularly listen to. In the bad old Windows days I used XMplay, which is an excellent audio player. Later, with Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora I used Streamtuner and Radio Tray. And now with SliTaz I am using Moc and Orpheus, each for different kinds of stream protocols and encodings. But what I'm really looking for is THE ONE radio/audio player that can deal with all radio stations. Mplayer is great because it plays practically every stream URL one throws at it from the command line. But who wants to type (or paste) a URL to change a radio station? Orpheus works as a front end to Mplayer but strangely, it has difficulties with with some streams. It is also quite uncomfortable to use as it only lists stream URLs instead of station names. Moc is a very comfortable and powerful player but it cannot deal with certain types of streams (mms, rtsp) ...

    ... maybe one of you has found the ideal (console-) radio player that 'does it all' and isn't too large?
  • rent0nrent0n September 2010
    I had the same doubts some time ago and I ended up using mplayer.
    It plays everything, it's lightweight and console-based.

    I basically creaetd a file called .streams in my home like this:

    # BBC Radio 3
    # Classic FM
    # Jazz FM

    And then I start mplayer in this way:

    mplayer -playlist .streams

    Finally I bound the mplayer command to an openbox keyboard shortcut...done!
    You can go through your favourite radio stations with '>' and '<'.<br />
    What radio stations do you listen to?

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