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  • kultexkultex May 2010
    jozee, you started the

    I would like to add something, but before I have some questiones

    First question when does it happen?

    Fat32 usb frugal:

    xvesa.iso does not have a problem with /home on the same disk (home=uuid)

    SliTaz-3.0-iso with xvesa driver does not have a problem, as long as there is no /home partition specified in syslinux.cfg

    /home workes only with extra /home partition with ext2 / ext3 (I did not try other file systems)

    SliTaz-3.0.iso with the specialized xorg driver does not boot without extra /home partition with ext2 / ext3

    when you create the ext3 /home partition with the live-cd - this works only as root - you have to change the permission to tux/tux before you reboot, otherwhise you will be stuck in slim

    this I proved several times

    is it also happening on updates? - some more experiences?

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