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thunar icons+chromium+keyboard layout
  • dzon65dzon65 May 2010
    Hi.I've got three questions.1)Why is it installed icons don't apply to thunar and do on pcmanfm? 2)On old pc's imho chromium works best (midori doesn't open hotmail),but I can't install it.(worked fine in 2.0). 3)How can I avoid the keyboard switch to qwerty each time xorg is activated?Oh,one small question.Got this old compaq 5000 with a medieval nvanta card.Is there any driver available for this?In ubuntu the nouveau driver does the trick (legacy,riva,nvanta).
  • seawolfseawolf May 2010
    On your last point, the Nouveau driver should be enabled in 2.6.34; you could find out by running

    gzip -cdf /proc/config.gz | grep -i nouveau

    If it's modular, (=M) just add the module to the start-up configuration.


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