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boot: could not find kernel image: linux
  • jrlocke11jrlocke11 May 2010
    I just burned the slitaz-aircrack-ng iso to a cd. I burned it at a fairly slow speed (4X) and after exploring the disc upon completion, I found the following:

    MD5SUM (file)
    BOOT (folder)
    -GRUB (folder)
    -EXAMPLE_.LST (file)
    -ISOLINUX (folder)
    -BE.CFG (file)
    -[44 other files]
    -US.KBD (file)
    -BZIMAGE (file)
    -GPXE (file)
    -ROOTFS.GZ (file)
    -VMLINUZ_.6_S (file)

    I restarted my comp with the disc in, and booted from my dvd-drive. (It's a burned cd, but I only have a dvd drive. I burned the cd with the same drive.) I received a brief hello from ISOLINUX, followed by:

    boot: could not find kernel image: Linux

    I'm at a complete loss for what might have gone wrong. I know the aircrack-ng version is not an official release of SliTaz, but I thought it might be worth a shot to ask here. If anyone has some pointers, I'm all ears. I'm also under a bit of a time crunch, so if you think of anything that might be helpful and post promptly, that will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you all, and thanks for the nifty little distro. :)
  • jrlocke11jrlocke11 May 2010
    I'm considering two possibilities.

    1) The disc might be corrupt. My tentative tests in the last couple minutes seem to be confirming this.

    2) EXAMPLE_.LST - should really be MENU.LST, shouldn't it? :-/

    I'm very much a homeless 19 year old doing odd-job IT work to try and get some food and a shower tonight. I honestly don't think I have another blank CD around here, and that really stinks.

    Any thoughts on my comments, or the original post, still greatly appreciated!
  • blcondeblconde May 2010
    Did you check the md5sum of the iso you've downloaded?


  • seawolfseawolf May 2010
    All of the .cfg files are configuration profiles, typically used to set the locale as you may guess. These are like GRUB config. files as the Live CDs use ISOLINUX to boot.

    I've a Live CD in front of me and I can't tell it to boot a kernel image directly form the 'boot:' prompt, as it needs the GRUB-like kernel/append/etc. lines to work. This is what is stored in the profiles in the boot/isolinux directory, as opposed to the kernel in the boot/ directory. Each profile contains the location of the kernel & initramfs/rd, along with kernel flags like fastboot or acpi=off.

    You could try specifying a profile. Hit the < TAB > key at that prompt to see your options. Type the name of a profile for example, en) and hit enter, and see if that works; it'll mean Aircrack broke the default setting, located in boot/isolinux/common.cfg.

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