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[solved] GUI for lxpanel menu?
  • sanekssaneks May 2010
    title says it all.. it's especially about de-installed wine-entries and the "edit images" "watch videos" installers not wiped after install.. not a big issue.. but sometimes I like to move entries between categories, too. for example I installed "terminal", which is in another category than xterm.. or have wine/photoshop-icon in grafics.. ideas?

    edit: to merely delete stuff, just go to /usr/share/applications and delete it.. but how to move stuff?
    edit2: see link in last post. just edit or create a file in above mentioned folder to have new prorams or to change category.

  • blcondeblconde May 2010
    I believe the original LXDE's packages don't bring such gui menu configuration tool, so you would have to edit it by hand.

    Here you can find some hints:


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