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start menu cleanup?
  • tikbalangtikbalang April 2010
    my start menu has become cluttered with non-existing applications. how do i delete them (and add existing apps).
  • blcondeblconde April 2010
    There are two ways to delete entries from the main LXDE menu: by deleting (or moving to other folder, if you may need it later) the shotcuts from /usr/share/applications (you may only do it as root) or deleting the packages in the Tazpkg tool (like "web-applications", shortcuts to some web sites, and "suggested-applications", after you installed them or choosed your own preferred apps).

  • tikbalangtikbalang April 2010
    thank you.

    the apps were "de-installed" because i reverted to an older rootfs.gz on a frugal install. their icons are still appearing in the start menu. also, how do i add shortcuts to sub-categories of the start menu? there are games that i installed that i want to appear in "Start --> Games --> Tetris", for example. they execute perfectly when run in console.
  • slicelslicel April 2010
    I had posted this information in the old forum.

    There are *.desktop files in /usr/share/applications (they do not show the file extension) that you can edit as root with a text editor, including editing for the menu category and whether or not they open an xterm.
  • tikbalangtikbalang April 2010
    thank you. problems solved.

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