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  • tikbalangtikbalang April 2010
    what's the recommended mediaplayer for slitaz 3.0? i need something lightweight but capable of playing the various audio/video formats.
  • blcondeblconde April 2010
    GMplayer or Gxine (I prefer the last one). I believe you can also use some mediaplayer with Gstreamer backend, like Totem, but you would have to complie it yourself.

    And if you want a music manager, I suggest GMM (Goggles Music Manager), very lightweight and Xine backended.
  • tikbalangtikbalang April 2010
    i'm getting "segmentation fault" error with gxine. aside from the dependencies, what other packages do i need for gxine? i'm using the xvesa version of slitaz.
  • jozeejozee April 2010
    please see if installing glibc-locale helps.
  • tikbalangtikbalang April 2010
    thanks jozee, but i didn't help. the error must be something else.
  • blcondeblconde April 2010
    Hi tikbalang,

    Would please post the full error message here? Because Slitaz has automatic dependency checking, so it shouldn't happen.

    Besides, try to remove the packages you've installed and then install it again, maybe some download failed (it already happened to me).


  • slicelslicel April 2010
    I use xine-ui (not gxine) and the only major problem after 2008 is that it will not read many dvd until I install libdvdcss to access dvd as a block device (cannot remember if I needed anything else).
  • tikbalangtikbalang April 2010
    blconde, i don't know where to find the full error text. after gxine splashscreen closes, a dialog box opens and it just says "segmentation fault". the only program i installed prior to gxine was opera browser. i reinstalled that but the same thing happens.

    so far vlc works great but i'm still willing to try others. xine-ui is next for testing.
  • jozeejozee May 2010
    My choices are as follows (ranked):
    1) SMplayer (Qt-dependent)
    2) Gnome Mplayer (will be lightest if we add mplayer-nogui ) + gecko-mediaplayer (mplayer browser plugin)
    3) gmplayer
    4) vlc
    5) gxine (please run gxine on xterm and paste the errors using middle mouse button)
    6) xine-ui

    I must also mention that recently I am having some problems with gnome-mplayer in playing dvd but gecko-mediaplayer works fine.
  • kultexkultex July 2010
    installing on my laptop following jozees proposal, I try to keep the system as small as possible and I have some depency questions :

    Gnome Mplayer is depending on Mplayer SVN - but to play all codecs, it needs also mplayer-codecs - or are the codecs in Mplayer SVN included (I dont think so, because otherwhise, it must be bigger)

    But installing mplayer-codecs, it installs also Mplayer 1.0rc2 with all depencies, which I do not need???

  • kultexkultex July 2010
    and there is a depencyproblem with Gnome-Mplayer - its missing libgpod

  • sanger440sanger440 January 2011
    I am having the libgpod issue with gnome-mplayer and gecko-mediaplayer.  I am running stable v3.  I think gnome-mplayer worked for me when I tried out slitaz cooking.  Is there a way to add gnome-player from the cooking repositories or another way to get

  • slicelslicel March 2011
    Type in the package manager's search window but click the file button (not the package button).
  • on4aaon4aa March 2011
    Die-hard free software fans will probably stone me for this, but I have pleasantly noticed that RealPlayer does not take up much more resources from my 12 year old laptop than the default alsaplayer for audio. I have not tried video though.

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