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[solved] change gtk themes in slitaz
  • sanekssaneks April 2010
    I want to change my gtk+ theme for windows and menu, but have no idea where to copy the new theme (no /home/.themes in slitaz) - the filesearch does not really help finding anything.. could someone tell me how I can change my gtk theme? openbox theme is easier to find.

  • ozgurozgur April 2010
    Did you have a look at /usr/share/themes directory?
  • RuppRupp April 2010
    You can make the folder yourself.
    (using tux as an example change to your username) From terminal do the following
    mkdir /home/tux/.themes

    Then use lxappearance to change your theme.

  • sanekssaneks April 2010
    thanks, just found usr/share/themes has gtk inside as well. but some themes I copied there do't work as they should or are not visible. but thanks alot, I consider this solved.

    But a last question: when using tazusb after and write the filesystem (and not home) in the iso, will the installed theme stay in usr/share/themes as part of the new filesystem?
  • diacaddiacad April 2010
    I am new to Slitaz and Linux in general. When you say "themes" I assume you mean the desktop background appearance (or include it as a feature of "themes"). How do I change the desktop background to a plain color?

    Also, is there any manual or documentation available? Or must you learn Slitaz by trial and error and/or by searching this forum? The community forum is too advanced, everyone assumes that acronyms and file structures within Slitaz (and Linux by extension) are understood. To the newcomer, they are neologisms needing further explanation to be of any use.

    Perhaps there should be a "neophyte" category here.
  • sanekssaneks April 2010
    I just answered your question in the other thread where you asked the same question (in "slitaz artwork"). yes, linux is a bit different. I use different linuxes for abot a year now and still learning. for easy start, maybe try mint, ubuntu or xubuntu if your machine is capable to run it. Slitaz is maybe a bit more advanced, but also a good distrubution to start learning.

    maybe open a thread of our own for asking general beginner's questions.

    for user instructions, just go to "documentation" and "wiki" on the slitaz mainpage or click "documentation" on the desktop... if you need linux-advice in general, try google for "linux beginner" or the like and see what you can find.
    (sorry I can't give you a good page to start with, I now use slitaz only and was too lazy to get my bookmarks from my old install)

    I read a whole lot of stuff on the net whenever I had a problem and slowly got to understand how some stuff works (and some not, that's why I still ask a lot). but always try googling your problem first. it's almost certain that someone asked the same before & you'll find it.

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