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slitaz is not recognicing the swap partition
  • kultexkultex October 2009
    I have created with tazusb gen-swap a swap partition - but when I boot, it does not recognice - the problem is, the system has not enough memory, to boot, that I can run swapon swap.
    is there a cheatcode that slitaz is using the swap?
  • seawolfseawolf November 2009
    Try doing it manually: use Gparted to create & 'format' the swap partition (i use inverted commas because you don't use a swap file-system so don't really format it) and restart. Perhaps try running 'swapon /dev/hda3' or whatever in a terminal after booting.
    Just to try and diagnose at which stage the process fails :)
  • kultexkultex November 2009
    I am struggling around with my geode servers (Fujitsu Futro A210 and Alix1c)

    What I can say at the moment:

    The A210 I can forget - because with only 128MB only loram works

    On the Alix1c

    The internal swap file is never recognized - only after I have created it with tazusb gen-swap

    If I create a swap partition on the end of the stick with gparted, it is recognized during booting

    If I boot from internal IDE CF-Card, both swap files on the USB-stick are not recognized, but I can swapon the swap partition with swapon /dev/sda2

    But there is another problem - if I boot from the stick, I have no network and a gtk+ error - (strange desktop) - the funny thing is, that when I boot from the internal IDE - everything works. The funny thing is, that the same thing happens also on the Intel Essential Series D945GSEJT (Atom N270)

    is this known? what can I do against this?

  • kultexkultex November 2009
    ok - the problem is solved

    I just had to boot from the iso and replace the tux directory on the stick - there is somthing wrong with tazusb - I did not check which files was missing, but there was a difference .

    It would be nice to mention this in the wiki, because it took me two days struggling around - those boards are not the quickest

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