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Basic formatting for the posts
  • ErjoErjo November 2009
    The presentation of the posts can be enhanced with HTML.

    Here is some tags for those who do not speak HTML fluently:

    bold text : <b>bold text</b>

    italic text : <i>italic text</i>

    Underline : <u>underline</u>

    <code>for code formatting.<code>

    # /etc/network.conf: SliTaz system wide networking configuration.
    # Config file used by: /etc/init.d/

    # Set default interface.

  • ouioui November 2009

    Thank you erjo.

    Info for people being willing to rebuild a Wiki for Slitaz in different languages:

    you will work more easy if you install Seamonkey 2.0 (no problem because the dependencies from Firefox 3 are the same and Firefox 3 is preinstalled on Slitaz). Only download here:

    decompress and transfer the new directory into /usr/lib . click at /usr/lib/seamonkey/seamonkey if you don't know how to make a link in the tool bar at the bottom of the screen or on the Desktop (or install under the "start programms" of open box with the special tool, it is easy)


    you can shut down all the command lines on top of the screen an so have 2 full screens open on the same screen and see both texts: the text you are processing and the text that you will translate at the same time.

    it is special usefull on the little screen of laptop's!

    Other Reason

    Seamonkey can more: After you new wiki page is already created (raw translation from Google translations tools) you can enter with CRTL "e" into the "composer window" and work in your translation or new text with the full power of composer instead of the hard working in the little windows of the wiki machine! and you can also use the composer windows in full size!

    if you are finished, you find at the bottom of the composer windows a button to commute to the already finished source code of your HTML text, control it (look where your text begins and ends in the HTML page; don't take the header or the food part in the buffer!), mark it, take it with CTRL "c" into the buffer, open the little editing windows of the wiki page, and set it with CTRL "v" into the little windows of the wiki engine. Finished!
  • jozeejozee December 2009
    This is how you can quote others
    * Erjo :

    The presentation of the posts can be enhanced with HTML.

    <blockquote>* Erjo :

    The presentation of the posts can be enhanced with HTML.</blockquote>
  • LuXLuX February 2010

    <code></code> tag is no longer good for code, since Vanilla now adds <br /> tags in it, as is visible on Erjo's first post in this thread. A work around is to use <pre></pre> tags instead.

    <pre>An example of code</pre>
    An example of code


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