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paskage suggestion; wmii
  • djpdjp November 2009
    wmii is a super-light-weight tiling window manager (similar, but lighter than awesome) that is very fast and keyboard friendly.
    Slitaz already includes come related components, it's me new favorits, and I wish it came bundled.
    (it would compliment OpenBox and jwm nicely)
  • LuXLuX February 2010
    Hello djp,

    I'm happy to see that somebody else asked for wmii much earlier than me:
    I have tried many tiling wm, including of course those available in Slitaz and I agree with you that wmii is definitly the best in:

    - Tiling windows simply and efficiently, which is after all the role of a tiling wm!

    - Leaving the user extend it by personal scripts not depending on a particular cumbersome language nor a continously changing configuration syntax, thanks to its unique and amasing feature of a "virtual file system" for controlling windows.

    Unfortunately I have been unable to compile the last version wmii 3.9b1 from source. Does any gentle geek know how to package it for Slitaz?

  • RuppRupp February 2010
    I can make one from arch packages if its allowed I will do it.
  • LuXLuX February 2010
    Hello Rupp,

    Thank you, this would be great! But please note that The Arch Linux package for wmii is version 3.6-4, according to:
    Version 3.6 of wmii, the latest stable release, is something like three years old and is now deprecated. The recommanded version on is version 3.9b1. This is odd because 3.9b1 is still considered unstable, but one can think that three years after 3.6, it must be stabilised enough to be "recommanded" . Unfortunately it is this version that I never succeeded to compile (but I'm pretty much a beginner in this area).


  • plmdayplmday February 2010
    LuX and Rupp,

    FYI. There's one in AUR ( that follows closely to wmii's development. I installed it two days ago (after reading your feature list, LuX, :) but have not got time to try it yet.
  • LuXLuX February 2010
    Hello Plmday,

    thanks a lot for this information. Take your time to try it. I would be very glad if you can build a receipt for wmii-recent which works in Slitaz and show it in this thread.

  • RuppRupp February 2010
    pimday thats where I was gonna get it from lol
  • jozeejozee March 2010
    @Rupp : As you are interested in Arch Linux PKGBUILD, you may like to download tazarch from slitaz labs ( Read the description and howto there.

     tazarch wmii

    This should pull wmii PKGBUILD from AUR automagically and will parse it into slitaz receipt. You may still need to improve the receipt. Also, read the output msg's of tazarch in case of missing deps / patches/ errors.

    After that, just cook the pkg. I am guessing it should cook easily.


  • RuppRupp March 2010
    I can build it directly from arch's PKGBUILD. I installed pacman on slitaz. I thank you for mentioning that though. I have had limited success with tazarch.


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