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Unable to install to tumbdrive/harddisk
  • greygrey January 2011
    I've tried it a few different times on different computers though I keep getting the same error: "Unable to find rootfs.gz." I know I'm not doing anything wrong because I'm not doing anything diferent from what the Guide tellls me to, and its not really far enough in the process for me to mess it up, witch was what I first thought.
    So what's going wrong? How can I get around this? Could someone help me please?
    (Screenshot link)

  • bellardbellard January 2011
    Did you remove the Live CD ?
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za January 2011
    This happens to me too since I have two drives (CD Writer and DVD-ROM) in my machine. To make it detect the CD for install I need to put it in the DVD-ROM.
  • greygrey January 2011
    Oh, sorry, I forgot to add that I'm not using a CD.
    I used the program Unetbootin to write the ISO to a tumbdrive so that I install it to another thumbdrive.
    Yeah, I know its a little roundabout, but its the only way I could find to create an actual install on a thumbdrive.
    Also, same thing happens in the Cooking version.

    Does this help?
  • greygrey January 2011
    Can anyone help me? Nothing is working. I can't find any way to install SliTaz to a thumbdrive.
  • foxsamfoxsam January 2011 is the guide you need. Is that what you read? It sounds like unetbootin worked the first time so why not the second time? If you want to add your own packages you can try to make a new livecd and use that iso for unetbootin (I think?)
    good luck.
  • greygrey January 2011
    Okay, I burned my iso to a cd, and booted it up on my desktop. It has all kinds of graphical errors. When I tried to boot it on my other desktop the gui would not even load. When booting the cd on my laptop it froze.
    After I tried to erase the cd and put the cooking version on it but it looks like SliTaz corrupted the cd and its about as good as a Frisbee now. I am annoyed.

    Is there any easy way I can just make a non-live install of SliTaz on a thumbdrive? It should not be this difficult.
  • greygrey January 2011
    Does anyone know?

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