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Option to load SliTaz to RAM during HD install?
  • avamkavamk January 2011
    Is it possible to add an option into SliTaz's HD installer so that a user can choose to have the OS/filesystem boot into RAM upon startup (even though it is installed on a hard drive)?
  • kultexkultex January 2011
    it is possible - just use tazlito frugal-install instead the installer
  • avamkavamk January 2011
    I see, thanks for the link. Can persistence be set up as well??
  • mojomojo January 2011
    Can you have a full install of slitaz and pass an option at boot to load the entire os into ram as if you were running a frugal install ?
    No,but you could have a live install nested inside of a full install.
    Don't see the point as they are not sharing root filesystems.You could share /home but all programs would have to be installed to each individually.
    Check the documentation for tazusb for an explanation of a frugal install with persistance.You can use the tazusb to install to a hard drive partition. After you add home=/dev/sdxx , /dev/hdxx, or UUID to grub kernel line option to tazusb writefs is available to compress/save your filesystem in memory to disk prior to shutdown thereby saving installed programs.

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