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what is the minimum ram required for slitaz to work fine with virtualbox ?
  • quboqubo January 2011
    I install slitaz as is a small linux distro. my objetive is to use a low consumming linux distro that use low ram and use more ram in the guest OS I installed virtualbox on slitaz

    my hardware is
    atom  1.6ghz with 2 gigas ram. using slitaz and virtualbox with only one OS guest.

    the questions here if I have 2 gigas ram what would be the ram needed in slitaz to make the guest work fine with as much ram as I can

    it is possible to have 1.7 gigas ram in the guest and .3 gigas ram in the host (slitaz)
  • seawolfseawolf January 2011
    Probably. You're pretty safe to use whatever the free command tells you. is left. My desktop has 2GB and I've split it 512MB/1.5GB okay, likewise my 1GB netbook 512MB each if I close a couple of bulky things.

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