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youtube video won't play in Slitaz 2.0 [SOLVED]
  • eldergeekeldergeek January 2010
    Despite my having installed the flashplayer, youtube videos wouldn't play in firefox. The following message appeared on the youtube video page:
    Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player.
    I found the get-java6-jre package by searching in the package manager and double-clicked to install it (clicking 'install' on the subsequent pop-up screen) but I was confused by the required license agreement because only the first few lines appeared in the terminal and referred to an 'Accept' button I'd have to click before java would be installed. I clicked enter a few times, decided I was wasting my time (there's not way an 'accept' button is going to appear in a terminal, right?) so I closed the terminal. Of course I contined to get the error message on youtube. Finally I opened the package manager, searched out the get-java6-jre package (again), double clicked on it and clicked on 'Install'. Once again the first paragraph of the license agreement appeared with a highlighted --MORE-- prompt beneath it. Clicking on enter brought up the next line or two of the licensing agreement but there are a lot of lines there and, like most folks, I'm disinclined to read the entire agreement (yes, I know, mondo-geeks will be appalled, welcome to the real world) so I simply held down the Enter key until I saw the yes/no prompt being reprinted repeatedly, typed 'yes', hit 'Enter' and, finally, the Java Runtime Enviroment was installed.

    That didn't help. I was still getting the error message on youtube. I went back to the package manager, clicked on the search tab, typed in 'flash' and clicked on 'Packages'. When the get-flash-plugin appeared (marked as having been installed) I double-clicked on it, clicked on 'Install' and, after a brief delay, clicked 'y' to install the missing dependency (found by the package manager). Presto; youtube videos now play (sort of).

    The machine has a 500 MHz Celeron processor with 192 MB of PC100 RAM. The video comes from an ATI Rage card which has 16 MB of inbuilt RAM. In all honesty, it lacks the resources needed to handle youtube videos but if one is patient enough to hit the pause button and let the video load before hitting the play button then some youtube videos are actually viewable.

    This machine is ancient in terms of current technology but remains remarkably usable and surprisingly fast thanks to Slitaz. Thank you Slitaz developers. You rock!
  • babaorumbabaorum January 2010
    Hi, why are you wondering that installing Java will solve a Flash technology problem ? I cannot find any relation between these two...

    Happy that you solved your problem, though.

    -- Babaorum

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