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How to install SliTaz on HDD
  • bushybushy February 2011
    I have an old box, SliTaz works well on a live CD.  I would like it to boot from the hard drive but don't know how to make that happen.  Any help is appreciated.
  • bushybushy February 2011
    Never mind. I tried reading the docs ;-) I think I'm good.
  • core_dumpedcore_dumped February 2011
    Right here in this site you can find a number of guides to perform all types of installations. Go to this link:

  • bushybushy February 2011
    I was premature.  I found the installer, went through the process and everything seemed to work until I rebooted without the Live CD.  No boot occurred, after the BIOS loaded I had a blinking cursor in the upper left corner and nothing else.  I went through the installation process a second time and again the same experience.  Any ideas?
  • bushybushy February 2011
    I tried following the was written in the guides to no avail.  Nothing is appears to be copied from the Live CD to the HDD during the install process.  I can see the drive activity by the flickering drive light but when I check the folder there are no files to be seen.  On the subsequent boot nothing happens unless I have the Live Cd in the drive and then it just boots from the CD.  Does anyone have any idea what is happening?
  • slicelslicel February 2011
    Did you make and format a partition with gparted before installing and then did you install grub?

    I suggested a few years ago that installer instructions should mention partitioning and grub samples.
  • bushybushy February 2011
    No I did not, I am quite new to Linux.  I think I can handle gparted but I am unfamiliar with Grub.  Can you suggest any resource to understand what grub is and how to install it?
  • slicelslicel February 2011
    It is natural for a new user to go to the installer gui, which did not mention partitioning the last time I noticed.

    The guide at looks better.  I do not know what docs you read before.

    The process should be easy if you have no data to preserve on the hd.  Run the intuitive gparted from the live cd.  In addition to at least one ext3, consider a swap partition to compensate for low ram.  Then, run the installer and later the installer should prompt you to install grub (do it) and automatically add its own grub entry for you to boot from hd the next time.

    Multiple systems on the same hd are a little more complicated but internet tutorials explain "dual boot."

  • bushybushy February 2011
    Sounds good, thanks for the help.

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