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usleep and nanosleep
  • OliTazOliTaz February 2011
    Is it possible to use precise usleep and nanosleep with this OS. The first try that I have made are really not precise.
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za February 2011
    There doesn't seem to be a nanosleep function in slitaz, but there is the sleep command for seconds, minutes, hours or days and a usleep function that works in milliseconds.

    You can also get the real gnu sleep command by installing the coreutils-command package.

    The question is why do you need a command that works in nanoseconds?
  • OliTazOliTaz February 2011
    I want to send IR code using GPIO pins. So I have to respect the IR protocol thant use bit that are 6.944us long. It is maybe not possible with this interface or Linux. I will probably be block by the scheduler.
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za February 2011
    So it's 6.944 microseconds bursts?

    Maybe install coreutils-command and then using sleep 0.000006944 to do it?

    brenton@trixarian:~$ sleep 0.000006944; echo test
  • devl547devl547 February 2011
    >Is it possible to use precise usleep and nanosleep with this OS.

    Yes. Dont know if it will be as precise as in QNX or Hard-RT linux, but still you can.

    >are really not precise.

    Use realtime linux sources from repos and build a custom kernel. Default kernel is not supposed to do such kind of stuff.

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