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Need help installing my wireless network card. (SOLVED)
  • mets10mets10 May 2010
    Hi everyone. I'm pretty new to linux. I just installed SliTaz on my laptop today and I'm not sure how to install my wireless network card. So far I went to the terminal and typed in lspci | grep Wireless and this is what it shows:

    03:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4306 802.11b/g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 03)

    I read another discussion and someone said to type that in. Hope that helps. Thanks.
  • mojomojo May 2010
    Your wireless chipset the BCM4306 is supported with the b43 module.

    Do the following as root.
    Install linux-wireless.tazpkg

    Does this computer have internet access via ethernet ?
    Yes: Start at Step 2 to end.
    No: Start at Step 1 followed by Step 2,skip Step 2a, verify Step 1 in Step 2b and complete to end.

    Step 1.
    Firmware install without internet:
    Install b43-fwcutter.tazpkg
    Download,extract,and cut the firmware.
    tar xjf broadcom-wl-
    cd broadcom-wl-
    b43-fwcutter -w /lib/firmware wl_apsta_mimo.o
    The 38 firmware files are in the /lib/firmware/b43 folder

    Step 2.
    Wireless Install with internet:

    Open wireless connections
    root@slitaz: subox wifibox

    Drivers tab,
    a. Firmware: b43-firmware click Install button
    downloads and installs firmware if you have ethernet connection to internet
    b. List files button shows installed b43 firmware
    Module: b43 ,click Load button
    Lsmod button shows loaded b43 module

    Networks tab,Refresh button,you see access point,dbl click to connect if open or enter key
    Configuration tab add key,essid,click connect,favorites tab
    Add ssb and b43 to /etc/rcS.conf LOAD_MODULES=
    The other main configuration file is /etc/network.conf to enable wifi at boot=yes , default interface=wlan0 and many other settings
  • mets10mets10 May 2010
    When I go to the wireless manager, under Module, I have to type in b43 and when I click load, it says:

    modprobe: failed to load module b43: No such file or directory
  • mets10mets10 May 2010
    Ok I just read I have to add ssb and b43 to the LOAD_MODULES= line in /etc/rcS.conf, but when I do that it wont let me save. It says permission denied when i try it another way. How do I save this? Thanks.
  • mojomojo May 2010
    I see you are new to linux.
    It won't work unless you follow all the directions in the order given.
    I think you missed the part before Step 1
    1. install linux-wireless.tazpkg as root to get wireless modules including b43
    2. Do the firmware now before you load the module.
    3. Module: choose b43 from dropdown menu click Load button

    If your wireless router has security off and is broadcasting it's ESSID (open) you don't have to type anything. It's all point and click.

    Keep it open until you know you can connect then turn on WPA security if you like.

    You must be root user in slitaz to modify, delete , add, move files and folders in any part of the system other than the /home/tux.Regular user account is tux so if you login without password your tux.If you login as user root with password root you can modify or change anything on the system. Do yourself a favor, don't create a new user or try to change user tux,it's broken and will screw up your system.

    To automatically become root and add those modules go to Menu/System tool/Control Box/Initialization tab/ Load modules: type each module name followed with a white space between each name/click ->Change button

    I suggest you study and refer to the handbook and other documentation for help.
  • mets10mets10 May 2010
    I finally got it, thanks alot for your help.
  • mojomojo May 2010
    Thanks for the positive feedback.
  • frEmnfrEmn July 2010
    For the initial step, from xterm as root, is this a proper command?
    tazpkg get-install linux-wireless.tazpkg

    I did this, then moved on to step 2 a&b. Everything seemed to go well but the network tab is not showing my SSID (which is broadcasting w/ WEP enabled)
  • frEmnfrEmn August 2010
    according to mojo -- "Your wireless chipset the BCM4306 is supported with the b43 module. "

    according to the following website --

    "BCM4306 (Rev. 2 uses b43legacy, Rev. 3 uses b43)"

    I still trying to stumble my way through this. I'v been around the interwebs searching for info, since I've yet to get my wireless up and running. Thought this could be of some help to some people.

    My particular BCM4306 wireless chipset is the Rev.2
  • frEmnfrEmn August 2010
  • frEmnfrEmn August 2010
  • frEmnfrEmn August 2010
  • frEmnfrEmn August 2010
    sorry about that. apparently having some posing problems. my bad
  • slicelslicel March 2011
    Fremm, i think your command is correct.

    You could try without encryption as a test.

    I do not know if slitaz works with wep.

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