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[SOLVED] adding new user
  • cdaaawgcdaaawg February 2010
    When I add a new user after installing Slitaz to disk and then try to login as that user, an error message flashes and I am bounced back to the login screen. The message is too fast to catch, but it does say something about login failure.

    The message is:
    Failed to execute login command
  • LuXLuX February 2010
    Hello cdaaawg,

    I think that your new user is probably lacking the configuration files needed to start an X sessions, among which the most important in Slitaz is ~/.xinitrc. Please login as tux (or any working user), open a terminal and check the content of the home directory of your new user. If something is lacking (and probably everything is lacking) copy all the content in /etc/skel in the home of your new user and give it the right owner and group. This should fix the problem.

    I can give you more details if you don't know how to do it with command line instructions.

  • cdaaawgcdaaawg February 2010
    Will give it a try, LuX. Thanks for the info. I see there is a lot of content in /etc/skel and some in /home/tux that didn't get copied to the new user's $HOME directory. Isn't all the content in /etc/skel normally copied to a newly created user's $HOME directory? Is this a bug in Taz? Thanks so much for the help.

  • cdaaawgcdaaawg February 2010
    For anyone needing assistance, here are the bash commands I used to copy, then change ownership of all necessary files and directories (hidden included):
    Must be root!
    su root

    Copy all files:
    cp /etc/skel/.*?? /home/username/

    Change ownership of all files and directories in the user's home
    chown username /home/username/.*??

    Hope this helps,
  • CarlCarl February 2010
    In reality, the solution I presented will not work in all instances. It will fail if there are files or directories with a single character such as `.a'. To get around this invoke the following:
    su root

    Set shell options to allow the dot (.) to be included in file name expansion when using globbing:
    shopt -s dotglob

    Change to the home directory for username
    cd /home/username

    Recursively copy all files and directories:
    cp -r /etc/skel/* /home/username

    Change ownership and group of all files and directories recursively:
    chown -R username:username /home/username/*

    Sorry if I caused anyone grief, it was purely unintentional.
  • CarlCarl February 2010
    Oops, forgot to change the shell options back:
    shopt -u dotglob
  • tikbalangtikbalang April 2010
    i don't have "shopt" command. what package should i download? i'm also trying to solve "failed to execute login command" problems.
  • Hi,
    I don't think you really need "shopt", just follow Lux's instructions.

  • tikbalangtikbalang April 2010
    i've done that but i still get the error when logging in as tux. what i did was to cp /etc/skel to /home/tux the chowned the folders/files to tux ownership --- all this as root.
  • Humm, just to make sure, would you mind:

    a) posting the output of the command?

    # ls -al /home/tux/.*

    b) confirm that this is not a password issue?
  • LuXLuX April 2010

    I have also experienced some troubles in managing new users with Slitaz 3.0. Actually the /etc/skel directory contains a lot of useless files, but not the mandatory .xinitrc file (and the .config/slitaz/applications.conf file which is loaded by .xinitrc). So, after you have created your new users, you have to fill their home directories with the needed files as explained here:
    This is a french page, so I report below the usefull part. If your new user has login name "pomme" with home directory /home/pomme you can repeat the following commands (as root):
     # rmdir /home/pomme
    # cp -a /etc/skel /home/pomme
    # cp /root/.xinitrc /home/pomme
    # mkdir -p /home/pomme/.config/slitaz
    # cp -a /etc/slitaz/applications.conf /home/pomme/.config/slitaz
    # chown -R pomme:pomme /home/pomme

    Note that the first command, rmdir, completely removes the home/pomme but will work only if this directory is empty (which is the case if you did not modify it already). This directory is re-created by the second command, "cp -a /etc/skel...", with the same content as /etc/skel. This is a trick to copy in /home/pomme all the content of /etc/skel without omitting the subdirectories and the files whose name start with a ".". Indeed these files won't be copied by the more natural command used by Carl:
     # cp -r /etc/skel/* /home/username

    This can be refined. Personally I didn't want to copy in the home directories of my users all the unnecessary files which are (and shouldn't be) in /etc/skel. So before applying the above procedure I moved this directory (just to keep a backup of it in case of) and created a new /etc/skel with only the files that I wanted to include:
     # mv /etc/skel /etc/skel.ori
    # mkdir /etc/skel
    # cp /etc/skel.ori/.gtkrc* /etc/skel/
    # cp /etc/skel.ori/.profile /etc/skel/
    # cp /etc/skel.ori/.Xdefaults /etc/skel/
    # cp /etc/skel.ori/.profile /etc/skel/
    # cp /root/.xinitrc /etc/skel/
    # mkdir /etc/skel/.config
    # cp -R /etc/slitaz /etc/skel/.config/
    # mkdir /etc/skel/Desktop

    Then I replaced the user's directory by a copy of this /etc/skel, modified the owner and restarted:
    # rmdir /home/pomme
    # cp -a /etc/skel /home/pomme
    # chown -R pomme:pomme /home/pomme


    PS : The fact that /etc/skel does not contain the right files by default can be considered as a bug, IMHO.
  • tikbalangtikbalang April 2010
    thank you toto and lux. i have used instead slitaz-3.0-xvesa.iso and solved my problems and gives me more choices on resolution.

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