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problem with SLiTaz iso from home page download
  • ianian January 2010
    i have used a few types of linux over the past few years and decided i needed something smaller then Puppy and DSL so i looked around and this is what i found, so i went to and downloaded a ISO file and threw it on disk it booted pretty quick i liked the way it looked but every time i tryed to install it to anything it works until it starts to copy the files to the partition then it says (input/output error) it continues to say that the install was ok and when you boot all you get is a (GRUB error 15) so i downloaded a 2nd one the same so i had a friend do one at his house on his hp and still nothing i dont think it is a problem on my end
    can anyone help? i would like to be able to use this if i could just get it to work.
  • ianian January 2010
    ok so i think it is a problem with GRUB but am not sure i have been through a bunch of distros and have found no problems with the hard or soft ware here
    i am still lost if you can help hit me up
  • danieldaniel January 2010
    im no expert with slitaz, but are you logged in as root when you run the installer?

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