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Noob Here
  • PartsManPartsMan December 2009
    Hi. Josh here. I have an old dell laptop I am trying to get SliTaz set up on.
    It is an Inspiron 8100. I can't seem to get SliTaz to "see" my usb wireless adapter.
    My whole interest in this system was a lite distro that ran Firefox.
    I know the adapter is working because I just used it with
    Ubuntu Notebook remix two weeks ago on the same computer.
  • PartsManPartsMan December 2009
    My wireless adapter is an Encore Electronics ENUWI-G2.
    I go to Tazhw Box and click "Deteck PCI/USB devises" and nothing show up under USB.

    PS I tried the adapter on my desktop (Xubunu) and it still works.
  • cavalier911cavalier911 December 2009

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