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[solved] system time
  • sanekssaneks April 2010
    I think I must be blind. Installed slitaz3 on a (now *very happy*) friends's box yesterday, but I coul nt figure out how to change the system time after install. incontrolbox: no effect (set to CET and hit change, tried both syncing with system time or net.. I always ended up 2 hours early. I need CET (Berlin).

    Tried to change it in BIOS,too. No funciona tampoco.
    I reckon this should be very easy. But we could not find it in all the menus.
  • mojomojo April 2010
    If your not booting Windows on the same motherboard,the hardware clock should be set to UTC.

    According to Berlin is currently on CEST which is UTC + 2 hours

    Open terminal
    root@slitaz: echo "UTC-2" > /etc/TZ

    Logout and in to check time, if correct writefs if not a full install

    If you boot into windows on the same hardware it will set the motherboard clock to your local time.

    root@slitaz: echo "UTC" > /etc/TZ
    should get you the correct time in slitaz with windows controlling the hardware clock
  • sanekssaneks May 2010
    no, windows is wiped, I set time for CEST. but I found slitaz gets the right time after shutting down the computer and cold starting again it's good.

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