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iso 3.0
  • dzon65dzon65 March 2010
    Hi.Was wondering,is there maintanance going on at the download site?Downloaded the latest iso three times now and it doesn't boot at all.Tried several marques of cd but....Never had any problems with this.
  • maxxmaxx March 2010
    have you tried boot from USB Flash drive?
  • dzon65dzon65 March 2010
    Nope.This machine's usb is broken.Strange,gave it another try with another go.It boots straight to ubuntu.The cd boot doesn't even start.Tried with the slitaz 2 cd,no problem,boots straight away.
  • dzon65dzon65 March 2010
    Same thing with the xorg flavor iso.Thinking it could be my pc I downloaded the austrumi iso,burned it and it booted right away.Gonna wait a couple of days to give it another try.
  • davesurreydavesurrey March 2010
    Hi dzon65
    I guess you checked it against the MD5 and it was okay?
  • sanekssaneks March 2010
    - I had to re-burn a CD/RW once. It did not boot so I tried burning the CD again on the slowest posssible speed. Works excellent.
    - download again and check for correct MD5
    - check if your PC likes CD/RW, my old boxes only want normal CD-R.
  • dzon65dzon65 March 2010
    Hey guys.The cd's are burnt at 2X speed as I always do.And here's the md5:
    Ran out of cd's for now,gonna get me some in the morning.

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