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Hibernating with Slitaz 2.0
  • KernelKernel October 2009
    Someone asked about this on the old forum, but I don't think a solution was found yet.
    You could try installing acpid and run one of the scripts in /etc/acpi/, but I don't know if they work yet.
  • KernelKernel October 2009
    I have installed Slitaz 2.0 to my server´s HDD. Everything works fine.
    There is only one thing missing for me:
    Because of the fact that this server operates 24/7 and I effectively use it by 2 h´s a day as a NAS and other stuff, I want to let the server hibernate or suspend to ram. When the server is pinged or data is requested by any user, the server shall wake up again and answer the request in short time.
    BTW: the hardware (mainboard and BIOS) supports hibernating and ACPI
    So the questions are:
    1. will this work using slitaz with this purpose
    2. what do I have to do, that it will work this way (packages, configs etc.)
    Thanks for your help.

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