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How to link Dropbox
  • Hi, I have installed dropbox via the package manager.
    How do I now link it to my account.
    Any help appreciated

    (A new user from Ubuntu)
  • mojomojo March 2010
    Bottom Left Corner of Desktop
    Menu/Internet/Dropbox Storage opens Dropbox Setup
  • Thanks for your help, will check it out later.
  • Ok - I see that this opens the Dropbox Setup.
    But is there a way to link Dropbox with a file/files on your system for automatic updates.
  • mojomojo March 2010
    Start Dropbox, Dropbox tray icon appears lower right on taskbar.
    Right click on the Dropbox tray icon,from menu choose
    Preferences/Main button/Dropbox Location, then browse on your local drive as to where you want the Dropbox folder.

    Autostart Dropbox when you bootup/login.
    #Start Dropbox
    dropboxd &

    to the bottom of /home/tux/.config/openbox/ for default user tux, for other users ~/.config/openbox/
  • nassauskynassausky August 2010
    Nice job getting dropbox working but I haven't had such luck. I installed it after updating the packages in package manager. The install was successful but when I click on the menu Internet/Dropbox Storage, it only starts a dropbox process and starts using up 50% of processor time. Nothing ever happens after that.

    Any ideas or suggestions?
  • ChristopheChristophe August 2010
    i am just discovering here what is dropbox.
    Looks nice; does it do what it advertises ?
    Is it good enough on the security side ?
  • nassauskynassausky August 2010
    I shouldn't be saying it but I am not concerned at the moment about the security features. The files I share in dropbox are files that are of no major importance to me just making it easier than emailing them back and forth. It works fine in Windows 7 and XP so far but it would be nice to get working in SLITAZ. Someone here has had luck already and wasn't sure what my issue was. The install seemed simple but when I ran DROPBOX STORAGE from the internet menu, it doesn't seem to be starting up the configuration interface and is just consuming way too much processor time.
  • mek8630mek8630 August 2010
    dropbox is actually pretty secure go to their website and read their documentation, sounds good to me.
  • mek8630mek8630 August 2010
    @nassausky, hey if you figure out why it's not working please let me know, I am having the same problem. Dropbox works on my other computers but won't work on my slitaz system. Also I have dropbox on my Linux Mint system and my dad has Linux Mint but dropbox wouldn't work for him either. I don't understand why it would work for my Mint and not his. Well there has to be a solution to this problem. I am working to figure it out and I will post the answer when and if I do get it figured out, but if you figure it out then please post on here as well. Plus on my slitaz system it doesn't even act like it is going to do anything. I don't even get as far as you. I can see my cpu start working but nothing happens and my cpu goes back down to 0%, so I am not sure what the deal is any help would be great.
  • inearlygaveupinearlygaveup December 2010
    Just come back to SliTaz to give it another go.
    Got most things working but I still can't get Dropbox to link or the tray icon to appear.
    Dropbox seems to be running as it appears in the task manager but the Dropbox daemon doesn't start to allow me to link my files.

    Has anyone had any luck
  • inearlygaveupinearlygaveup January 2011
    Has anyone had any luck with Dropbox

  • Has anyone had any luck getting Dropbox to work on SliTaz

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