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more problems with tazpkg manager/new packaging system
  • davesurreydavesurrey February 2010
    On a new install of Cooking I installed today's file from bellard "tazpkg 3.2.1"
    It fixed the problem with the tazpkg manager GUI in that I can now see all available installable packages.
    But now if I try to right click on the desktop and select Openbox>ObConf or Openbox>Openbox Menu nothing happens. Also Openbox>Restart refreshes the menu but doesn't give a task bar anymore.
    Also Right click on Desktop and adding a new desktop works but it doesn't persist after a reboot.

    Plus the problems with aboword and fotoxx which I mentioned on the previous thread, "A little help pls, SliTaz Packages Manager".
    Not a good day.

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