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screen brightness controls do not work on Toshiba laptop
  • monzmonz February 2010
    My most recent laptop is a Toshiba Satellite Pro A215-s5850. I run slitaz (among several other linuxes) on this machine, and slitaz is the only OS on it which will not allow control of screen brightness. The screen is always at full brightness and cannot be dimmed. This causes the battery to discharge very quickly. Please offer a fix. Thanks.
  • seawolfseawolf February 2010
    You can try manually by installing the package that provides xbacklight and use it like:
    xbacklight -set 35
    xbacklight -set +10%

    I can't remember which package it is right now!
  • slicelslicel February 2010
    You might be able to set brightness in bios or set it in another os (edit- like windows operating system on a dual-boot computer) that will remain after booting slitaz.

    Please report your experience because I asked several times about how to change brightness from within slitaz but without reply or success.

    Thank you.
  • monzmonz February 2010
    Hi slicel,

    Thanks for the tip ... unfortunately the only thing i've found thru a Google search is packages in other distros which contain xbrightness ... i've found nothing at all for SliTaz, neither thru the use of tazpkg or on Google.
  • slicelslicel February 2010
    There is a xorg-xbacklight in repos but I never used it successfully because I was unable to get sufficient help for it on the old forum. For instance, I still have no idea if it is supposed to work under xvesa or if you have to have a xorg flavor.

    There was a powerbox project that was to add a gui for brightness but I do not know what happened to the project. The related thread did not explain the backlight package but I rescued some of the discussion from the old forum here-
  • monzmonz February 2010
    But what i'm really wondering is this: why don't the FN+F6 and FN+F7 key combinations work from the keyboard to dim and increase brightness, respectively?

    That's how it works on every other OS i use, including Mac OS X and Window$, and even with SliTaz it works that way on most of my other laptops, but not on this Toshiba, which only dates from 2007-2008.
  • seawolfseawolf February 2010
    XBacklight was the one I was thinking of, sorry! I've edited the commands post above.

    I can't use the keys to set the brightness of my netbook screen but the command works. I think the problem lies somewhere between the keyboard layout, XEv, XF86 keyboard/event associations and the xbacklight command itself. I haven't worked out how to string them together. It was a while ago I tried; I saw a couple of pages on the Gentoo and Arch wikis but I couldn't figure it out.

    Sorry I can't be much help, I'll shut up now.
  • slicelslicel March 2011
    The other os might have a keymap that works with that toshiba and you might be able to copy it from the other os and load it in slitaz keyboard preferences.

    The setpci dimmer does not work in slitaz either (stable xvesa) so slitaz is still lacking a reliable dimmer.

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