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tazusb generates bigger rootfs.gz
  • alsdkjgoalsdkjgo October 2009
    Tazusb uses lzma default value : -d23 (8MB history)
    Tazlito uses -d24 (16MB history, slower)
    $ unlzma -c rootfs.gz | lzma e new-rootfs.gz -si -d24

  • alsdkjgoalsdkjgo October 2009

    I try to generate rootfs.gz with lzma. Even with it, justX 2.0 rootfs.gz is bigger than original.

    1. )
    2. ) unpacked and copy vmlinuz-, rootfs.gz (ls -lah, 12.3MB) to usb stick, modified grub (my only custom setting is HOME=), succesfully booted into justX.
    4. ) no update/upgrade, new packages or custom settings, plain justX roofs.gz and vmlinux-
    3. ) tazusb writefs lzma

    ---> slightly bigger rootfs.gz (12.2M) than original

    Why tazusb lzma is producing bigger roofs.gz than original? Should it produce exactly the same roofs.gz as original, with plain unmodified justX rootfs.gz?
  • slicelslicel October 2009
    I think the original live cd fs is lzma, which compresses to a smaller size (and might take longer to compress/decompress) than gzip does.

    The original live cd lzma does not have all the information you added to setup tazusb (and maybe screen, sound, etc.) and so might be smaller than the tazusb lzma.

    I could be wrong.
  • alsdkjgoalsdkjgo October 2009
    Thankyou. Almost checked myself from scripts :)

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