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installing drivers: need howto
  • lmartlmart October 2009
    You don't unpack a .run file, you run it. Normally when you download these files, you'll need to make them executable:
    chmod +x <filename>
    and then run it with:
    It'll probably fail because SliTaz uses XVesa, not Xorg. See:

    #2: There is another forum article about the IPW2200 driver.

    #3: Yes. Unless it's installed to hard disk.
  • lmartlmart October 2009
    #1 video: have nvidia Linux Display Driver - x86 (file:; how do you unpack a .run file?
    #2 wireless: have intel linux driver (file: ipw2200_linux_1_2_0.tgz); unpacked under WinXP using 7-zip

    where can i find detailed, step-by-step, instructions on how to load these drivers into slitaz?

    also, to check my understanding, once these are successfully loaded, i will have to remaster in order to keep the changes, Yes|No ?
  • lmartlmart October 2009
    #1 thanks, will try
    #2 followed your suggestion to seek other sources; still no answer on how to install a driver
    #3 thanks

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