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how to install vmware tools ?
  • kaldorkaldor December 2009
    I'm trying to install vmware tools on a virtual machine created from slitaz stable 2.0, with additional packages from the stable 2.0 collection. I have vmware workstation 6.5 and i've followed this guide (installation on slackware) :

    In order to run the install ( and config scripts (, the following packages were needed : perl, glibc (for ldd), make, gcc, linux-source, as well as these directories in /etc/ : init.d, rc0.d, rc1.d, rc2.d, rc3.d, rc4.d, rc5.d, rc6.d, pam.d

    Now, when I try to run " --compile", i'm stuck at the point where the script looks for the "c header files that match the running kernel" :

    /usr/src/linux/include => "path doesn't exist"

    /usr/src/ => "path is a kernel header file directory, but doesn't contain linux/version.h as expected"

    /usr/include => "the directory of kernel headers (version @@VMWARE@@ UTS_RELEASE) does not match your running kernel version (version"

    Anybody has an idea?
  • parbourparbour March 2011
    Figure I'll comment on this two year old post.. why not.
    first item is that you need to install the kernel sources. so installing the package linux-source will get you that far.
    then of course there are more problems beyond that, including the version of busybox doesn't like the arguments that vmware has for tar... I'm trying to get this running at the moment.
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za March 2011
    I would then suggest installing the tar package, which gives you the real tar command. You'd probably need gzip and bzip2 installed to be sure too. Along with linux-source, you should almost make sure you have slitaz-toolchain and slitaz-dev-pkgs installed along with perl-dev and glibc-dev probably.

    Not sure if this will work, but it's worth a shot ;)

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