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vmware disk not recognized
  • sunliweisunliwei October 2009

    There is no SCSI on SliTaz LiveCD.
    As seawolf said, change switch your disk controler to IDE.

  • sunliweisunliwei October 2009
    I booted into Slitaz 2.0 LiveCD and run GParted. But I can't find any devices. dmesg shows no sda devices detected. Why is that?
  • sunliweisunliwei October 2009
    anyone can help??
  • seawolfseawolf October 2009
    Can you change the type of hard disk adaptor that VMWare emulates? i.e. SATA to/from IDE or even the controller the SATA or IDE is attached to?
  • wanlwanl October 2009
    I meet this problem too. it seems it's due to the driver (bus type) of scsi device. anyone knows how to fix it?

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