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No slitaz instller on Slitaz 2.0 LiveCD
  • sunliweisunliwei October 2009
    A KDE Desktop? Are you sure this is Slitaz? ;)
  • sunliweisunliwei October 2009
    Once I boot from Slitaz 2.0 LiveCD, I get a KDE desktop. But I can't see "Slitaz Installer" in "System" menu as handbook mentioned. I don't know why. Am I missing something? I search the web , everyplace mentioned Slitaz Installer , but I can't see it in my system.
  • silversurfersilversurfer October 2009
    See the first page of SliTaz.
    SliTaz is a free operating system, working completely in RAM and booting from removable media such as a cdrom or USB key.
    I've installed it to a Aspire One with a 8 GB solid state drive which it must think is USB. I have also tried to install to a hard drive
    but it's not possible. The path is Menu - System Tools - SliTaz Installer

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