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New Slitaz cooking iso, awesome work guys!
  • DragynnDragynn March 2011
    Just downed the new cooking iso after seeing the announcement on Distrowatch, taking for a test spin now and wanted to duly report a couple minor things, but first I want to say BRAVO! Excellent work! New iso is the first to boot without any options or having to use xvesa on a sometimes finicky older machine I have, booted fast, very configurable, package manager worked fast and without flaw, ethernet connected immediately and flawlessly, all partitions mounted, there is now a working version of Iron (I just prefer Chromium or Iron for my browser) so I installed it, typing this message on it now. Y'alls hard work and dedication shows, this is the best Slitaz yet!

    So just a couple small issues, and i'm not complaining at all, just giving feedback. It can't seem to find my second CD/DVD ROM, so can't play a plain CD so far. And the second just seems a little backwards, Slitaz mounted my other linux partitions, but when I look in the files, I can access all the system files (boot,bin, lib, usr etc.) but cannot access my /home/(user) files, it gives me a "permission denied" message. Seems like that should maybe be the other way around?

    Okay, will test more and search documentation to see if it's just me missing something, probably the case,lol.

    Great work guys, this is by far the best tiny linux distro!
  • slicelslicel April 2011
    You could add your user to the cdrom group in /etc/group (edit as root) or install and run lshw or a similar command to identify the device names of your drives and check that slitaz is using the correct name (it sometimes does not).

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