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Slitaz on EEE PC 1005HA. Runs well! Some issues
  • glitchathonglitchathon March 2011
    I started with a Slitaz cooking live USB and was pleased to see it boot up and wireless working out of the box!

    I do have an issue with the resolution. I tried a suggestion to reconfigure and got a choice for new drivers and the closest I found was "Intel". It did not work. Afterwards, the start panel had an app for monitor settings. I go in there and it could not find my monitor.

    I then tried the stable 3.0 xvesa version and the largest screen size i could choose was 800x600. (mine is 1024x600). 

    The stable normal release was next. But the GUI failed on it so i could not even boot into the live CD.

    Another thing. The touchpad is unuseable on the cooking version. It goes all over the place and is impossible to control. It jumps around all the time. On the cooking xvesa flavor, it is much better. It is sensitive bit at least it does not jump erratically like it does on cooking.

    I do want to get it working on the live USB before I install it onto the hard drive, but I guess it may be easier to just install it first? If I do, which version should I get? Cooking or Stable xvesa? Stable (non-xvesa) does not work. I can also wait for the next stable release if that is worth waiting for for this hardware?


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