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Ethernet is not connecting
  • ChillyWillyChillyWilly March 2011
    This should be easy and I know I have gotten it working before, but I'm stuck.

    I plugged the ethernet cable in before booting, but when I try to ping the router I get "Network is unreachable".

    If I say ifconfig -a I get a list of interfaces including eth0, and it's shown as UP BROADCAST RUNNING etc. etc.

    My /etc/network.conf has INTERFACE="eth0" and DHCP="yes" and STATIC="no".
    I guess these may not apply to DHCP, but NETMASK="" and GATEWAY="" and DNS_SERVER the same. I checked the router with another computer and that's the right gateway address.

    I clicked the Start button in netbox and it goes gray for several seconds, but there seems to be no effect.

    Thanks in advance!

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