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Would like to use slitaz on a new Power pc based and arm 9 freescale based multi core computers
  • techkathytechkathy March 2011
    I would like to contact the development team to offer support for slitaz and would like to develop new ppc based computers based on the new qoriq based freescale power pc processors and imx616 dual and quad core processors as well as  a multimedia box based on 5020 64 bit processor.  I would like to offer financial support for slitaz and help with development of this power pc based derivative.  I would like to offer workstations to developers when available.  I have finished the design and am going to have a designer familiar with these processors finalize my design and get a parts list so I can produce prototypes and then go into full production by december of 2011.  Please have development team get back to me.  This is a serious project.  Thanks.  The os would have to be ported to power pc.  I am not sure of arch linux has or has had a power pc based version.
  • babaorumbabaorum March 2011
    Hi techkathy, I am not part of the official SliTaz dev-team. I think you may consider using references on the following web page to join SliTaz developpers *directly* via the SliTaz association :
    Have a nice day,
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za March 2011
    Being an Developer doesn't automatically mean you should become an Member, Sponsor or Donate. Feel free to do so if you wish to support SliTaz money wise though.

    Most of the devs tend to be on the mailing list (, which is probably a good place to introduce yourself. Some even idle on one of the two IRC channels (#slitaz on or They're not really active on this forum much, so it's probably a better idea to send a copy of this to the mailing list.

    I will say that we are currently looking for somebody to take over and maintain the development of the arm and power pc versions. Currently it's in a permanent hiatus because we have nobody to develop and test it. So I know your help would be appreciated.

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