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tazlito problem with kernel modules paths
  • dominik_tdominik_t March 2011
    I'm creating an ISO image with a set of own packages. Packages are deployed without a problem, only problem that I have is that while I'm running a new ISO image I can see that paths to kernel driver/modules are wrong.
    When I run 'modprobe -l' I can see that for example path to 'eth0' driver looks like this:
    "/home/tux/slitaz/build/hpce2/rootfs//lib/modules/" and this path doesn't exist on LiveCD.
    Path "/home/tux/slitaz/" is the place where I run "tazlito" on my main Slitaz installation and after that there is a location of rootfs. The proper location for kernel modules should be "/lib/modules/......". I don't know why tazlito combines information about kernel modules paths in this way ?
    I'm using commands "tazlito clean-distro" and then "tazlito gen-distro /path/to/file/with/packages" with the Slitaz 3.0.

    Thank you for any help!

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