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laptop up, now need wireless Inspiron 3800
  • xoananxoanan March 2011
    Hi All

    Okay, I have the laptop up and running, now I need a wireless card that is both compatible with the laptop and the OS itself.  I am hoping that a cardbus would do the trick, so that I can save a usb port.  

    Would this work?

    Thanx in advance!

  • 788pkn788pkn March 2011
    If it's anything like my wpc54G, you'll need to use ndiswrapper to get it working.
    The tough part is getting hold of ndiswrapper without having a network connection on your laptop. If you're dual-booting, it's not a problem (the card should work w/o problems on Windows). Grab the ndiswrapper packages from the distro (, search for tazndis)
    I also had to move a few of the modules around so that ndiswrapper was loaded before b44 and ssb. (in my case, I edited the line "LOAD_MODULES" in /etc/rcS.conf to make sure this was the case).
    Hope this helps...
  • xoananxoanan March 2011
    I can get the wrapper from my other machine; thanx for the tip!

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