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Error on package slitaz-tools
  • funkturmfunkturm March 2011


     I found a problem, when I create a new live cooking CD.


    - I load the actual cooking version and save this iso to USB.

    - Start PC with this version

    - Run <tazpkg recharge> and <tazpkg upgrade>

    - I create a new ISO with <tazlito gen-distro>

    - When I now start with this new ISO the lxpanel doesn't start. :-((


    Workaround from my side:

    - I changed at file </etc/slitaz/applications.conf> the entry <WINDOWMANAGER> from <"openbox"> to <"openbox-session">.


    When I now create a new ISO and start them, X11 starts with lxpanel.


    Best regards


  • funkturmfunkturm March 2011

    Fixed from developer team. Thanks!
    Really good support. Nice distri.

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