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need to reinstall syslinux on USB key
  • baldyetibaldyeti December 2009
    I had slitaz2 nicely working from a USB key, but messed up my bootloader
    can someone explain how to reinstall syslinux ?

    I could re-install completely but I cannot get the tazusb incantation right
    "tazusb gen-liveusb /dev/sda1" complains about not finding the cdrom...
    (from which I boot; do I need to explicitly mount it beforehand?)
  • baldyetibaldyeti December 2009
    Alright, problem solved. It's an issue I had run into before and documented on the old forum, actually. This particular system has two cd-rom drives, and tazusb picks the wrong one (not the one I happened to have booted from).

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