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Error installing Skype
  • pierolpierol March 2011
    In the cooking Slitaz version installed on HDD, making a

    tazpkg get-install skype

    the process, after successfully downloaded skype_static-, exit with this error:

    Could not download getskype-linux-beta-static. Exiting.

    any idea ?
  • gdesilvagdesilva June 2011

    Hi pierol, if you have not already got this fixed one of the solutions is as follows;

    The problem is caused by the tarball name change - so if you open up get-skype and change the name of the tarball from getskype-static... to skype-static (go to and check the downloads directory for the linux static image for the accurate name). Save this file and re-run get-skype and it should do the trick.

    Hope this helps.



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