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Unicode support for perl-curses, mc, smbfs
  • setkasetka March 2011
    Hi. I want to use perl curses application on top of Slitaz. There is a "perl-curses" package in repo, but it's compiled with "", not "" (wide-character support version). I tried to recompile package with installed "ncursesw-dev" by:
    CURSES_LIBTYPE=ncursesw CURSES_LDFLAGS="-lcursesw" CURSES_CFLAGS="-I/usr/include/" tazwok cook perl-curses
    and then it works well, perl is linked with "" and my app works. I think it shold be solved in dstribution packages (compile with widechars by default, or as separate package).

    Also it seems that midnight commander is compiled without unicode support (there is a problem for example with text files view and edit on UTF-8 console or via ssh). And similar for smbfs (mount.cifs) which do not accept "charset" option. It's very good that Slitaz have UTF-8 support on locales level, but this application level options are also important for me.
  • slicelslicel March 2011
    Thank you for the report and suggestions.

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