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'Tazhw box' installs the wrong nvidia driver for me and it is a bad idea. And question /remastering.
  • creamcream March 2011
    Hiya all : )
    LOVE Slitaz I mean I really love it it's like prize figthing with a PC.
    Anyway, I managed to get it all working and I thought you should be aware that the tazhw box command (I think it was) installs the latest nvidia driver which killed my slitaz, mainly because Im on a nvidai fx5200 on that pc and that isnt really supported on the 190 nvidia driver.
    I had to follow that great guide on manual install but wouold like to suggest someone puts in a question box into tazhw so you can select an older driver, like I needed 173.

    A couple of other things.. It doesnt boot right (takes ages hanging on things then finally booting up with no mouse input and just a usb keybaord not ps/2) for me on first install either I had to write the words 'slitaz noapic' to get the live cd working then put 'noapic' into the grub commands after. And it chose hd1,0 as the first boot device and I had to change that to hd0,0 to make it boot after install.

    Anyway dont mean to quibble at all just wanted to say I love the work poeple have done and try help another.
    Question: I do have a question about remastering, does that option mean that I can save my installed nvidia driver and all the other little changes I made by making my own live cd? Because if something happens to it I would like to just install it ready made.

    Or does remastering not work like that? And is it easy:D

    thank you very much,

  • slicelslicel March 2011
    Thank you for the report about specific drivers.

    For remastering, see-

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