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Slitaz on an OLPC XO
  • jamesjames December 2009
    I've been trying to get slitaz cooking running on the olpc XO. It is slow and doesn't has 256mb of ram. The XO presents certain challenges but what I'm looking for is a lightweight system that runs directly from the hard-disk like a traditional Linux system. Meaning i don't want a compressed filesystem like puppy and I'd like to run it from the hard drive instead of running derectly from ram. The built-in solid state drive is quite speed so running from ram doesn't seem to have much advantage. I have plenty of space on that drive so its unimportant that the install be extra small. My question is simply where do I start? There are alot of install options mentioned on the wiki, but nothing seems to specifically fit my needs. I'd say I'm an intermediate linux user but know little about the boot process.

  • kultexkultex December 2009
    I think, the OLPC has 256mb - see here
    Slitaz should work fine - I am running slitaz on alix.1c, which is the same hardware.
    Just take the normal cooking iso and make a bootable stick - direct from slitaz on another computer or with unetbootin -
    I have no idea, if the olpc boots from USB, but I think it should - this you have to try

    here is something I found:

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