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Slitaz - boot from CD, xfr to USB?
  • greengeekgreengeek February 2011
    Hi, forgive my ignorance... is it possible to boot Slitaz from CD then run programs from a USB stick?

    I have a laptop with no hard drive and it is also has no "boot from USB" option.

    If I can boot from CD, then transfer control to files or operating system on the USB stick I could then remove the boot CD and watch DVDs in the optical drive.

  • greengeekgreengeek February 2011
    There's also another reason for transferring control away from the CD - I have found that many Linux distros give heaps of odd problems when booting/loading/running from CD, and running code from CD should be avoided on Linux whenever possible.

    Anyway, if I could run the post-boot code from a usb stick that would be great.

    Maybe all I need to do is run in memory but create a swap partition on a usb stick...? but how?


  • TotoetsasoeurTotoetsasoeur February 2011
    No problem, boot from your live CD. The system is loaded in RAM. Then, assuming you have enough RAM, you launch the target application that is located on your usb stick.

    Happy slitaz.

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