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force 1024x768x16 (or 24) mode
  • SlavaxSlavax October 2009

    Install xorg.

  • SlavaxSlavax October 2009
    I use Slitaz via grub.exe and cooking iso file (where is the docu page winboot, is it lost?) on an old pc which has 320 Mb ram.
    However, I am not able to start with resolution 1024x768. I have append screen=1024x768x16 (24) and vga=791 (792) cheatcodes on kernel line, but the resolution remains at 800x600. Nevertheless, other distros on the same pc allow me to use 1024x768.
    What can I do to force Slitaz to use 1024x768 resolution?
  • SlavaxSlavax October 2009
    And then? What does it happen at the running cooking live, when I have installed xorg?
  • SlavaxSlavax November 2009
    Xorg is already installed in live cooking.
    Can someone help me? How force 1024x768 mode?

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