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a challenge with cooking packages iso
  • neonlinuxneonlinux November 2009
    greetings.. at this moment i am using Slitaz cooking packages iso DVD
    i installed php along with python-django along with scim input method
    i open the text editor -- there is no scim input method available
    also from the menu -- preferences -- i click on scim input method -- nothing happens
    i am wondering if the packages have not been updated in the menu yet
    so how do i do this?
    my next task is to finish installing some packages from the cooking packages iso
    then attempt to use tazusb to make a new Slitaz on my usb
    since i am having difficulty with making a live cd i will try to make it this way
    i use the word - challenge - because i do not have any complaintsss
    i wish to learn how to use Slitaz during these coming weeks

    keep up the very well done work

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